Helping Excel in Career and Life

Rapid business model changes
Speedy workplace realignments
Societal interconnected workplaces
Faster End-Of-Life of Skills and Careers
Leading to More Jobs per Career
Am I in the right job?
Am I in a Value Add role?
Am I important to my company?
Am I making a difference in my job?
Am I happy and enjoying my role?

Surviving or Thriving?
Am I an Asset or a Liability?
What is my Capability Inventory?
What is my Contribution pipeline?
What is my Learning & Development Quotient?
LifeScape, with its systemic approach
and holistic alignment, helps you empower yourself, with insights and learnings drawn from renowned management experts and coaches, towards marching confidently on your  Career Journey 
So you can take ownership and control of your career and professional growth


In this ‘globally distributed knowledge worker’ environment, career management is a fine art. It goes well beyond the realms of individual’s delivery within the confines of a defined role and assigned manager. It extends deeply into layers beyond your assigned job tasks and responsibilities, immediate manager and aspects beyond pure technical or functional performance.

When we talk to many bright, young professionals (and quite a few experienced ones as well) and hear them describe their approach to the career development and performance management - or the way they dissect their career and performance management scenario - it is a disappointing situation. Timely guidance and clarity of understanding of the process of performance management can make a huge difference in the way one could approach the performance management and career planning.

Lifescape helps you change that. By augmenting in your professional career journey with the wisdom, insights and experience from the management leaders and coaches from the industry.
LifeScape helps you
  • Achieve Career Excellence with Coaching and Mentoring
  • Proactively Manage your development goals and plans
  • Actively Manage your performance management outcomes
  • Take ownership of your career and life
  • Manage your "Value Proposition" for 'Self' and for the Company

We do this by

  • Helping you understand your Strengths and Limitations
  • Current state assessment of your career
  • "Neutral perspective" mentoring with your career dilemmas 
  • Tips and Insights in Leveraging Opportunities within systemic constraints
  • Channeling your Career conversations with Self, Manager, Team and Organization
  • Complementing with much needed"Soft Skills" of Career Management
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